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20.4.2018 : 4:56

FIA Budapest report

Advancing the cause: new perspectives on applications

Since the 'Bled declaration' during the Slovenian EU Presidency in 2008, a large community of researchers and other stakeholders has worked tirelessly to drive forward the vision for Europe’s internet-enabled future. “A significant change is required,” the declaration stated, “and the European Internet scientific and economic actors, researchers, industrialists, SMEs, users, service and content providers, now assert the urgent necessity to redesign the Internet, taking a broad multidisciplinary approach, to meet Europe’s societal and commercial ambitions.”
The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is where these actors come together. Twice a year a critical mass of thinkers and doers meet to hear about the latest challenges and breakthroughs in Europe’s research effort to design, test and deploy new information and communication technologies (ICT) that address the internet issues of today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow: privacy, new media dimensions, security and robustness, energy consumption, wireless/mobility, quality of service, connectivity, speed and throughput, and more.
In previous years the primary focus on FIA has been directed towards the development of technology architectures and infrastructure for the future internet. This work continues, of course, but the focus is perhaps beginning to shift. Since the Valencia FIA in April 2010 and the launch of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP), future internet stakeholders have been taking an increasing interest in the applications of the future internet. We must begin to plan how this future internet will be used, they argue. Only healthy dialogue between the architects, the planners, the developers and the users will ensure that the future internet meets the functional demands of the market.
In the warm spring sunshine of Budapest this dialogue was evident. The technical issues of the future internet were firmly placed within their political and societal context. Concerns and challenges were shared, ideas voiced, suggestions debated. Europe is still a hotbed for internet research and the FIA is the place to discover the cutting edge of this endeavour.

1 July 2011