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The Future Internet Assembly, Valencia 2010

15-16 April 2010, Valencia, Spain


Side Event of the 4th EU Conference on the Seventh Framework Programme

The Future Internet Assembly - FIA groups 100 projects who subscribed to the Bled Declaration. They agreed to coordinate their R&D activities to foster a strong European footprint on Future Internet. More than Euro 650 million are invested by the participants and by the European Commission to make this happen. FIA mobilises a community of some 400 experts active in shaping the European Future Internet vision.


What is FIA'10 Workshop in Valencia about?
FIA'09 Stockholm will bring together about 400 stakeholders in the Future Internet developments from policy makers, industry and academia, coming from mainly from EU member countries and abroad. FIA'10 is now clearly positioned as "the" European Future Internet Research and Innovation conference. What makes it attractive is the mix of policy makers, industry and academia, debating research and innovation strategies and then best way forward for a stronger European position in Future Internet developments.


Why is FIA'10 Workshop in Valencia different from previous FIA meetings?
Bled in March 2008 was the early start of the Future Internet Assembly. Ad-hoc enthusiasm to start something new gave quickly way to plans and strategy how to steer this growing community as discussed in the Madrid, Prague and Stockholm workshops, and to capitalise on its knowledge and strength which grew throughout 2008 and 2009 by 50% to now 100 projects. The Valencia workshop will profit from the years of previous work, attract a lot more attendees "Bigger, faster and Better" and will have this time a specific international dimension.


Why is it important for Future Internet stakeholders to participate?
Because we are still at the beginning. There is more to come, coming FP7 calls will deliver another set of activities working on Future Internet problematic. Beyond that, the work programme for the years to come has to be prepared and plans for a Future Internet Public- Private Partnership are in the making.


How can one participate?
We look forward to an undivided commitment of the EU research community, such that our massive European support to the Future Internet can bear fruit, and notably through the FIA process!


Please read the undefinedprogramme details of the Future Internet Assembly.


Fore more information see the undefinedEuropean Commission site on the Future Internet and the undefinedside events site of the 4th EU Conference on the Seventh Framework Programme.

15 April 2010