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20.3.2018 : 4:59

The article related to MASTER published in Journal of Systems and Software

The article with the title “Modular analysis and modelling of risk scenarios with dependencies“by Gyrd Brændeland, Atle Refsdal and Ketil Stølen (SINTEF) has been accepted for publication in Journal of Systems and Software (Volume 83, Issue 10, October 2010, Pages 1995-2013).

With its topic the article is related to MASTER. The risk analysis of critical infrastructures such as the electric power supply or telecommunications is complicated by the fact that such infrastructures are mutually dependent. The authors propose a modular approach to the modelling and analysis of risk scenarios with dependencies. Their approach may be used to deduce the risk level of an overall system from previous risk analyses of its constituent systems. A custom made assumption-guarantee style is put forward as a means to describe risk scenarios with external dependencies. They also define a set of deduction rules facilitating various kinds of reasoning, including the analysis of mutual dependencies between risk scenarios expressed in the assumption-guarantee style.

26 August 2010