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20.3.2018 : 4:59

MASTER as a Security Management Tool for Policy Compliance - Video Demonstration

MASTER can evaluate if policies are complied with across SOA endpoints. It provides runtime evidence directly from the points of interest over the enterprise such that the administrator can react in real time to misbehaviours or misconfigurations. The MASTER ESB has full visibility to perform complete mediation that is transparent to application users. Also, the MASTER Control Cockpit can be configured to show for each policy in the infrastructure what are the events potentially violating the policy. MASTER comes not only as a reporter tool, but also as a stateful cross-service control panel, that the administrator can use to tune the enforcement mechanisms according to the application context and runtime.



The architectural components of the MASTER tool. Dashed lines represent control flows, the continuous line shows the message flow.

We present the demonstration that shows the automatic monitoring depending on the deployed policies, as well as the features of the management interface that the administrator is presented with. We will also propose possible ways in which this evidence can be aggregated for analysis.

13 August 2010