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20.4.2018 : 4:44

Drawing contest Award Ceremony

On September 7, 2011, during the welcome session of the 2nd edition of the PARADISO international conference organized at the European Commission in Brussels, the award ceremony of the children’s drawing contest organized by PARADISO took place (see the “Drawing contest” section of this web site for full details on this contest). The ceremony was held in the presence of children having participated in the contest (and of their parents and teachers) and was chaired by Jacques Babot, Scientific Officer at DG Information Society and Media and PARADISO Project Officer. The satisfaction of the organizers concerning the success of the contest – classes from 16 countries from all around the world have sent a total of 79 drawings – was underlined. After having warmly thanked all children and teachers having participated in the contest for the quality of their work, Jacques Babot announced that it had been found impossible to award only some submitted drawings, which means to exclude others. Therefore it had been decided that all entries would be awarded and that all participating classes would receive a printed catalogue of all submitted drawings as a modest expression of the most sincere gratitude of the European Commission and of the PARADISO project. To conclude the ceremony, Jacques Babot gave the floor to children having participated in the contest to tell the audience (over 200 conference attendees!) what they expected from the Internet in their future. A young girl, after some seconds of reflexion, genuinely but clearly answered: “I would like the Internet to do my homework”. A big applause followed…


7 September 2011