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20 June 2014
Learn about Fantaastic

OneLab contributes to the industrial workshop organised by CI-FIRE and Fantaastic to be held at UPMC campus on June 27. This workshop proudly presents, offers a tutorial and walkthrough[more]

19 June 2014
Doing fore-front IoT using FIRE testbeds

Part of the IoT Week that will be in London on 16 - 20 June 2014, the AmpliFIRE project will organize a workshop: Doing fore-front IoT using FIRE testbeds on Thursday 19 June 11.30 – 13.00. In this...[more]

18 June 2014
CREW Open Access

CREW is now in a continuous open access phase, offering 2 modes for the use of the CREW facilities: Best effort access & basic support: CREW offers best effort access to the facilities free of charge for...[more]

18 June 2014
Getting started with the EU-China FIRE community’s advanced functionalities

Interested to join the EU-China FIRE online community but don’t know where to start? The EU-China FIRE initiative has set-up a tutorial to help you to get off to a good and easy start! This tutorial will teach you...[more]

10 June 2014
International collaboration - Asia

OneLab federation welcomed visitors from the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan. The Institute for Information Industry (III) was established in 1979 as a non-governmental organization, jointly sponsored by the[more]

6 June 2014
FIRE White papers available on the FIRE web

The AmpliFIRE project has published a series of the white papers on the FIRE web (embedded web links to download the document):  ·         FIRE Vision - Driving the FIRE engine to...[more]

5 June 2014
Students grants at EuCNC'2014

Owing to the success in terms of attendance (more than 300 participants have already registered as of today), the EuCNC'14 Steering Committee has decided to incentivize even more the participation of students. A Call for...[more]

3 June 2014
The 16th FIRE Newsletter

In this 16th FIRE Newsletter, the last one before the summer holidays, you will find a lot of interesting information about ongoing developments and upcoming events in FIRE. The AmpliFIRE project is organising a series of...[more]

29 May 2014
FIRE Future beyond 2020 – Have your say!

The FIRE CSA project AmpliFIRE is co-ordinating the FIRE community’s input regarding its future vision; further, it is developing a roadmap to help plan towards such an outcome. As part of this exercise we have opened a monthly...[more]

22 May 2014
SMEs invited

OneLab promotes a workshop targeted to the industry and in particular SMEs for finding out the pre-requisites to create value from open testbeds.The workshop titles : Connecting European innovators[more]