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26 September 2014
SUNRISE on the Digital Agenda of Europe and on the CORDIS web site

It is where we all came from and it is vital to our future, but the earth’s oceans, seas and waterways remain a mystery to us – a final frontier. The Sunrise project is at the forefront of a revolution in communications, creating...[more]

16 September 2014
The 17th FIRE Newsletter is available

In this 17th FIRE Newsletter, you will find a lot of interesting information about ongoing developments and upcoming events in FIRE. Open Access is an important development within FIRE. Recently it was announced that the OneLab...[more]

15 September 2014
2nd Fed4FIRE Open Call for SME Experimenters

The Fed4FIRE project launched its 2nd Open Call for SME Experimenters on 12 September 2014. Please, note that this Open Call is restricted to SME participation only with maximum funding of 25,000€ per proposal and maximum of one...[more]

4 September 2014
Announcement of the SUNRISE Competitive Open Call for Additional Project Beneficiaries

The SUNRISE project currently active in the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2007-2013) requires the participation of additional beneficiaries to carry out certain tasks within the...[more]

3 September 2014
FLEX – The 1st Open Call Launched

 The 1st Open Call for proposals has been announced at September 2014.The FLEX project is looking through this Open Call for experiments which will enhance and extend FLEX facilities or conduct cutting edge research...[more]

2 September 2014
Survey on the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) in H2020 Work Programme 2016-'17

The aim of this survey is to obtain views and contributions from a broad constituency with interest into the Future Internet Research and Experimentation Initiative (FIRE) and more specifically to identify the direction FIRE...[more]

21 August 2014
Onelab Facility is OPEN for Future Internet Experiments

“It is with a great pleasure that I announce the opening of the OneLab facility ( for experimentally-driven research. You are welcome to start using it today!” With these words Prof. Serge Fdida opened the...[more]

7 August 2014

The future of the Internet? Underwater! Thanks to the international project SUNRISE, seas, lakes and rivers will soon become large digital highways for data transfer from sensors, robots, AUV and next-generation vehicles...[more]

28 July 2014

Introduction to the project / application domain     The EXPERIMEDIA project investigated how to enhance visitor experience while skiing on a mountain by delivering real-time information and navigation system...[more]

25 July 2014
FIRE/GENI Collaboration

Jointly with the partners from GENI, Fed4FIRE has organized the second GENI/FIRE Collaboration workshop on 5 and 6 May 2014 in Boston (US), following the successful workshop that Fed4FIRE hosted in Leuven (Belgium) on 14 and 15...[more]