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4.9.2015 : 20:42


4 March 2015
First ever EU-China SDN interoperability event organised by the EU-China FIRE project

The EU-China SDN Interoperability Testing Event, co-organized by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) and the EU-China FIRE project, was held in Berlin and Beijing on February 2 and February 6,...[more]

3 March 2015
Fed4FIRE Newsletter February 2015

Please download complete newsletter for more information on: Fed4FIRE Open CallsFed4FIRE ExperimentsChinese test beds to join worldwide federation promoted by Fed4FIRE3rd GENI-FIRE Collaboration Workshop in ParisEtc....[more]

3 March 2015
Support in product development verification and testing - Catalogue: now available on-line!

Availability of development and testing infrastructures for advanced technologies, applications and services is crucial to allow validation of innovative ICT products and solutions and reduce their time to market.  In...[more]

3 March 2015
EU-China FIRE releases its first eBook on IPv6 Best Practices

EU-China FIRE - ECIAO - is proud to announce the release of the first EU-China FIRE eBook on IPv6 best practices. This book presents IPv6 deployment best practices provided by core experts in the field. Those...[more]

27 February 2015
FORGE Newsletter published

It's been a year and a half since FORGE started its activities on merging FIRE and online education. FORGE already offers technology that enables exciting interactive teaching on top of advanced FIRE testbeds. The tools, which...[more]

26 February 2015
FIRE Community Workshop & 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop and other near future FIRE events

A quick snapshot of the hottest near future FIRE Events/Workshops in March 2015 FIRE Community Workshop and 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop - 24 March 2015, Brussels, BelgiumFIRE Community Workshop will concentrate on the FIRE...[more]

25 February 2015
Innovative applications and services on top of RADICAL: Up to 90K€ for experimentation and innovation

The RADICAL project is offering up to 90,000€ funding contribution for innovative applications and services that use the RADICAL Platform. The selected applications and services will stimulate, demand and enrich the...[more]

18 February 2015
Call for Networking sessions – ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform

Are you interested in discussing ICT-related subjects in the context of Horizon 2020 or EU policies?Would you like to create a space to explore new ideas, concepts and partnerships?Would you like to bring together a diverse set...[more]

12 February 2015
Call for Exhibition - ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform

Are you ready to showcase the results of your innovative project? Eager to connect with other ICT researchers? Prepared to share your digital transformation?   Submit your proposal by 31 March 2015 for displaying...[more]

11 February 2015
Net Futures Information Day on H2020 ICT-2015 presentations available

The Directorate "Net Futures" organised the Information Day presenting the topics in the area of Future Internet in the second ICT call H2020-ICT-2015 published in October 2014.The deadline for submission of proposals...[more]