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17 April 2014
International collaboration - Asia

OneLab peers with international partners in most continents. Since the beginning the collaboration has been tight with US-GENI initiative. Brazilian, Australian and many Asian partners have been contributing to[more]

10 April 2014
FIRE+ Projects News & Results on the DAE web

The FIRE+ Projects News & Results are available on the Digital Agenda Europe (DAE) - A Europe 2020 initiative web. One example is the AmpliFIRE project’s article “Driving the fire engine to 2020: The EU’s FIRE...[more]

4 April 2014
NEC Laboratories Europe launches new open source platform for high speed, high throughput Network Functions Virtualisation applications

Today NEC has published a press release to promote a new “Cloud Networking Performance research platform (CNP-Lab)” initiative. This new initiative clearly stems from the collaboration within the CHANGE project and...[more]

4 April 2014
Key results of CHANGE presented at NSDI'14

Today key results of CHANGE were presented at the 11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'14). The full paper is accessible at[more]

1 April 2014
Does your FIRE+ project or testbed need a high-bandwidth connectivity between multiple sites across Europe?

The GÉANT Community is willing to support your requirements. There are current and past FIRE projects CONFINE, BonFire, FEDERICA, OpenLab, and NOVI, who have already been using Géant and they can tell you more about their...[more]

31 March 2014
EU-China FIRE COMMUNITY launched

A bridge between EU and China stakeholders has been established by the EU-China FIRE (ECIAO) project to strengthen EU-China joint research efforts, reinforce academic and industrial cooperation on future Internet, and to exchange...[more]

25 March 2014
Trusted Cloud Europe Survey

Trusted Cloud Europe was prepared by the European Cloud Partnership (ECP) Steering Board to propose options for the European Commission to help public & private organisations in Europe buy and sell cloud services in a safe...[more]

17 March 2014
The FIRE Brochure 2014 published * also iBook version available *

The FIRE brochure 2014 has been published and it is available for downloading, distribution starting at FIA Athens. The FIRE Facility projects are building a variety of network experimentation infrastructures and tools with...[more]

17 March 2014
The net-Xperiment future magazine published

A selection of the FIRE facility projects, experimentation projects, pilot and demonstration projects, and FIRE related international projects are presented there. You can find several examples of the experimentation that has...[more]

13 March 2014
The 15th FIRE Newsletter is available

This Newsletter provides information about the increasing expansion of the Open Access instrument, (now offered by BonFIRE, OFELIA and CREW), whereby FIRE facilities are offered free of charge, often on a best-effort basis, but...[more]