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20 May 2010
Windows 7 hole…

A vulnerability has been discovered in  64-bit Windows 7 , in graphics display component that could be exploited to crash the system or potentially take control of the computer by running code remotely.The vulnerability is  in...[more]

20 May 2010
MASTER presented in the Italian magazine e-HealthCare Innovazione e tecnologia in sanità

The article MASTER: a methodology and technology for the security and compliance in the healthcare processes presents the MASTER platform - the used technologies, the proposed methodology and the targets and the impacts in the...[more]

18 May 2010
Mozilla extends plug-in detection page to all major browsers

The Mozilla Firefox development team has recently came with the idea of warning Firefox users about outdated, insecure or buggy plug-in. It was first implemented for Adobe flash plug in. It was created as a What’s New page and...[more]

18 May 2010
IE 8 XSS filter used for XSS attacks!

The XSS filter that was the developed from Microsoft and added to the last IE version to prevent XSS attacks can be used for the very exact opposite reason! The cross-site scripting (XSS) filter can be abused by attackers to...[more]

28 April 2010
The MASTER methodology presented in The ISACA Journal

The article Realizing Trustworthy Business Services Through a New GRC Approach authored by Yudistira Asnar, Hoon Wei Lim, Fabio Massacci and Claire Worledge describes the MASTER methodology used to implement GRC on...[more]

12 April 2010
MASTER in the NESSI Projects Summit in Valencia

The first NESSI Projects Summit that takes place in these days provides in-depth information and live demonstration about the on-going and upcoming research of the NESSI Working Areas. It focuses on the existing and future...[more]

24 February 2010
Report of the W3C Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios published

W3C has published a report and full minutes of the Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios, held in Luxembourg on 17th and 18th of November 2009. Participants from 17 organizations examined the current limitations...[more]

22 February 2010
PrimeLife / IFIP Summer School 2010 - Call for contributions published

The sixth International Summer School organised jointly by the EU FP7 project PrimeLife and the IFIP Working Groups 9.2, 9.6/11.7 11.4, 11.6 will be held in Helsingborg, Sweden, 2nd - 6th August 2010in cooperation with the EU...[more]

16 February 2010
Wombat Deliverable D15/D4.5 Intermediate Report on Contextual Features

The objective of this Workpackage 4 is to develop techniques to characterize the malicious code that is collected in the previous workpackage. The main idea is to enrich the collected code thanks to metadata that might reveal...[more]

16 February 2010
Wombat Deliverable D13/D3.3 Sensor Deployment

This deliverable reports the deployment of all types of sensors implemented in the WOMBAT project and includes descriptions of experiences with the sensors from several months of deployment and experimentation. The sensors that...[more]