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21 November 2011
SOPA’s latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection

According to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a network provider can be ordered to prevent access by its US subscribers to allegedly piratical Web sites. That language did not appear in an earlier version, Protect IP...[more]

18 November 2011
DNSChanger attackers made profit of $14 million

DNSChanger is a trojan that will change the infected system’s Domain Name Server (DNS) settings, in order to divert traffic to unsolicited, and potentially illegal sites. It is usually a small file that changes the...[more]

7 November 2011
RSA attack

RSA attackers took the advantage of using phising e-mail and the exploitition  of a previously unpatched Adope Flash hole. They were sending phising emails to low profile employees with a subject lined of  ”2011 Recruitment...[more]

11 October 2011
Prague: Alucid Workshop

The PASSIVE project has been working toward integrating new and innovative solutions for user identification and management. In support of this, PASSIVE consortium partner ANECT have contributed intellectual property and...[more]

10 October 2011
Brussels: FI Cluster Meeting

While the PASSIVE General Meeting was happening, one of the project participants (Patrick Phelan, WIT-TSSG) was presenting an invited technical panel session at the Future Internet Cluster Meeting in Brussels. The slides can be...[more]

4 July 2011
Pisa: PoFI 2011

On June 9th 2011, PASSIVE  was presented at the PoFI 2011 (Policies for the Future Internet) Workshop co-located with Policy 2011 at CNR in Pisa. “The workshop aims at bringing together different people (researchers,...[more]

18 May 2011
D24/D6.4 Second Open Workshop Proceedings

This is the deliverable for the second wombat open workshop, BADGERS, that took place within the EuroSys 2011 conference on April 10 in Salzburg (Austria). In this document we discuss the preparation of the second workshop, our...[more]

18 May 2011
D23/D5.3 Early Warning System: Experimental report

A large part of Workpackage 5 concerns the Early Warning System functionality. This deliverable offers a report of the experiments carried out as part of the effort to create the Early Warning System. Several specialized alerting...[more]

18 May 2011
D22/D5.2 Root Causes Analysis: Experimental Report

This deliverable offers an extensive report of all experiments carried out with respect to root cause analysis techniques. This final deliverable for Workpackage 5 (Threats Intelligence ) builds upon D12 (D5.1 - Technical Survey...[more]

18 May 2011
D21/D4.7 Consolidated report with evaluation results

This is the final deliverable for Workpackage 4 within the wombat project. In this document we discuss the final extensions and improvements to our data collection and analysis techniques that were implemented as part of wombat....[more]