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31.8.2015 : 12:44

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3 June 2015
Call for tenders: Satellite Broadband in Schools Feasibility Study

The European Commission will soon launch a call for tenders for a framework contract in cascade of a maximum value of EUR 60.000 . The purpose of this call for tenders is to deliver a Feasibility Study for the provision of...[more]

2 June 2015
Registration for ICT 2015 is open!

Registration for ICT 2015 has just opened. Register today and join the ICT enthusiasts from research and academia, politics, industry, start-ups, investors. Free registration gives you access to the ICT 2015 conference,...[more]

1 June 2015
How digital competence development brings better care services: the CARERPlus project

Care workers and carers are the missing link between the digital tools and elder people. The project CARERPlus proved this hypothesis right. The project trained and enhanced the digital skills and competences of care workers...[more]

1 June 2015
Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook 2015

The yearbook supports the key issues on the table for 2015, also related to the Open Innovation 2.0 conference. Themes range from European Innovation Ecosystems and their governance to several practical examples on how open...[more]

1 June 2015
ECTA Conference 2015 - Writing digital history: game changer policies for a connected Digital Single Market

As the European Commission is preparing the overhaul of Europes telecoms rulebook this conference will explore the fundamental questions for creating a genuinely connected European economy and society.[more]

29 May 2015
Vibrating molecules help plants make use of quantum effects

The mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are helping scientists understand how plants can photosynthesise energy so efficiently, and the findings could help design more efficient solar cells.[more]

29 May 2015
EU and Japan step up cooperation on 5G mobile technology and strengthen research and innovation collaboration

With the new 5G agreement, the EU will join forces with Japan to cope with the increasing need for wireless Internet and complement current efforts to create a Digital Single Market in Europe.[more]

29 May 2015
Call for tenders: Review of approaches to estimate a reasonable rate of return for investments in telecoms networks in regulatory proceedings and options for EU harmonisation

The European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 60 000. The purpose of this call is to commission a study which will review the approaches used by National Regulatory...[more]

29 May 2015
Improve the access to your research results by requesting funding for Open Access publication

The Gold Open Access pilot funding instrument is now open for collecting funding requests to support the publication in Open Access of research results from finished FP7 projects (post-grant). Launched by the European...[more]