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29.7.2014 : 18:45

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20 June 2014
Call for cancer experts

The European Commission has launched a call for expressions of interest as "Commission appointees" to an expert group on cancer control.[more]

19 June 2014
Video: Human Brain versus supercomputer (Telegraph UK)

The EU Human Brain Project" explained in a nutshell! "For scientists to simulate a human brain they need to create a computer that is as powerful as 100m laptops" UK Telegraph 19June2014[more]

19 June 2014
Digital Agenda Toolbox for European Structural and Investment Funds

The European Commission has published the final version of « The Digital Agenda Toolbox ». The document is the joint effort between the European Commission’s DG CONNECT and the Joint Research Centre’s...[more]

19 June 2014
The incredible challenge of Digitizing the Human Brain

The machines might be getting smarter, but they're still a long way off from emulating the dizzying complexity of the human brain. We don’t even understand how our own brains work yet. But the Human Brain Project, which is...[more]

19 June 2014
Webinar on the new Participant Portal for H2020

The Participant Portal, the central web platform for the EC research and innovation funding, is improving its user-friendliness and functions for H2020. You can learn more at the webinar on 24 June. All the grant-related online...[more]

19 June 2014
Samos 2014 Summit on ICT-enabled Governance

More than 80 high-level experts in electronic governance from 20 countries will participate in the 5th International Samos Summit on "ICT-enabled Governance". The key issues for this year’s summit are Open Data, powered...[more]

19 June 2014
Software tools for next generation computing

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the state of the art and the future perspectives in the area of software tools and methods, in view of the expected evolution of computing hardware. Discussion will be focused on...[more]

19 June 2014
Romanian researchers stay home to take part in EU programmes

EU-funded research projects in Romania are helping the country retain talent. Young researchers, who might be tempted to look for a career abroad, find they can contribute at an even higher level by staying at home and...[more]

18 June 2014
The success story of the Italian startup Moneyfarm

The financial crisis has undermined confidence in the traditional banking system which seems to have forgotten about the small to medium saver. Italian fintech startup Moneyfarm, the first of its kind in the country, aims to...[more]

18 June 2014
Europe is ready for change

European Parliament elections: Future Directions for Europe and Implications for Australia – hosted by Melbourne Press Club[more]