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29 October 2014
Factsheets on the Directive 2014/61/CE on broadband cost reduction

This factsheet describes the Directive 2014/61/CE on broadband cost reduction in a nutshell and gives a brief overview about the pilars. It answers the most important questions.[more]

28 October 2014
Artificial pancreas: What's the status?

A dream for diabetes patients is about to come true: A wearable artificial pancreas that automatically regulates your insulin delivery, while living your normal live. The EU-funded AP@home project has developed a prototype to...[more]

27 October 2014
Can Hollywood technology preserve minority sports?

The EU-funded RePlay project is building a motion capture system that will be within reach of sport clubs. They also develop innovative techniques to produce state-of-the-art HD footage and to recover 3D motions from historical...[more]

27 October 2014
ECTA Regulatory Conference 2014

As key institutional changes take place at EU level and digital issues rank high in the European Commission’s agenda, a stock taking exercise on the achievements of the EU pro-competitive model will soon begin. The European...[more]

27 October 2014
Graphene Flagship welcomes first associated members

As part of its mission to strengthen Europe’s graphene research and development community, the Graphene Flagship welcomes its first four associated members: Netzsch (Germany), NetComposites (UK), ABB and Imerys...[more]

27 October 2014
WEBSAND: In-built security for a safer web experience

EU researchers have come up with an innovative security framework that gives both web users and developers greater protection against cyber attacks.[more]

24 October 2014
Third CoP meeting

Chaired by Robert Madelin, Director General of DG CONNECT, this event will be an opportunity for all stakeholders committed to promote good practice in self- and co-regulation to meet and exchange ideas and experiences, in the...[more]

24 October 2014
CoP third plenary meeting on November 24th: programme available

Check out the programme and discover the speakers and topics of the upcoming CoP plenary meeting. Join us on November 24th to discuss and share SR/CR experiences in the new EU policy landscape![more]

24 October 2014
SOCIETIES: The science of relevant networking

The EU SOCIETIES ICT research project has spawned a host of tools and applications allowing people to form smart communities in which they can discover, connect and organize “relevantly” with one another.[more]

23 October 2014
Electronica 2014

Electronica is the largest electronics trade fair in Europe. Over 70,000 visitors from more than 70 different countries are expected to come to this event.[more]