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25.2.2017 : 10:18

Information Society

4 January 2017
Startup Europe After 2 Years – Discover its impact and learn about future initiatives

After two years of successful Horizon 2020 projects, Startup Europe is organising its final conference, where the main achievements will be showcased and future initiatives will be discussed.[more]

4 January 2017
Language equality in the digital age - towards a Human Language Project

Multilingualism is one of the fundamental values of the European Union, but the digital age challenges the survival of a multilingual Europe. The identified gap between the use of English in Language technologies and of other...[more]

22 December 2016
eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020: guidance to support the implementation

This guide will help EU funds managers, public administrations and/or implementers to ensure that the envisaged eGovernment investment is in line with the principles and priorities set out in the EU eGovernment Action Plan...[more]

22 December 2016
Termination Rates Recommendation helps achieve lower and more consistent rates, a new study shows

The Commission publishes the TERA Study on the assessment of the 2009 Termination Rates Recommendation. The study analyses the impact of the costing methodology recommended by the Commission in 2009, and analyses the evolution of...[more]

22 December 2016
Language Technologies Round Table

In order to have a true Digital Single Market, Europe needs to be "language transparent". The challenges and visions for a language-technology-enabled Europe need to be recognised and acted upon.[more]

21 December 2016
Review of the Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework - Executive Summaries

On 14 September 2016, as part of the Connectivity Package, the Commission adopted the proposal for a European Electronic Communications Code and the proposal for a BEREC Regulation. Here you can find the Executive Summaries which...[more]

20 December 2016
2016 Strategic Innovation Summit: Smart Cities Europe

In a global world, simply providing basic necessities like education, infrastructure and resources is not enough. To lead the next generation, cities must enable - and drive – innovation in their communities, providing...[more]

20 December 2016
Final Report - Study on "Towards faster implementation and uptake of open government" (SMART 2015/0041)

This study aimed at providing input to the European Commission to support the new dynamically evolving eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020. In addition, the study aimed at providing support on how to make the new eGovernment...[more]

20 December 2016
Final Report - Study on “Analysis of the value of new generation of eGovernment services” (SMART 2014/066)

The current social, economic and technological developments are leading towards the emergence of a new generation of eGovernment Services, defined within the scope of the study as Open eGovernment Services (OGS). Such OGS are...[more]

20 December 2016
Open eGovernment practices in all EU Member States make public services more collaborative, efficient and inclusive

In a digital single market, public services should be digital, open and cross-border by design. As part of the eGovernment Action Plan, public administrations and public institutions should be providing borderless user-friendly...[more]