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Information Society

22 January 2015
Cybersecurity & Privacy Innovation Forum

The Cyber Security & Privacy (CSP) Innovation Forum 2015 will be held on 28-29th April, 2015 in Management Centre Europe, Rue de l'Aqueduc, 118 Brussels. It is a unique event where the full portfolio of Commission funded research...[more]

21 January 2015
Interview with Nobel Prize winner Kostya Novoselov, partner in the Graphene Flagship

At the World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos, Katia Moskvitch interviewed Nobel Prize winner Kostya Novoselov about the wonder material Graphene and future computing. Kostya Novoselov is Professor of Physics at the University of...[more]

21 January 2015
European Co-operation on innovation in digital manufacturing

The impact of digital technologies on manufacturing is a major aspect in the development of the digital economy and has recently become the focus of political attention in several EU member states. Digital technologies play an...[more]

21 January 2015
The 6th Annual Internet of Things European Summit

This summit will examine the current Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in Europe and will explore the role of IoT in helping to make Europe a world leader in this area.[more]

21 January 2015
Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) consultation meeting

Taking place in the framework of the Net Futures 2015 Conference, the CAPS consultation meeting will allow you to meet the current projects, hear about their latest achievements and have your say on future Horizon 2020 work...[more]

21 January 2015
Public consultation on the EU Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

The recently published results of the public consultation on the EU Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy carried out last year confirmed the importance of CSR for a wide range stakeholders and the key role of the...[more]

20 January 2015
H2020 Innovation Actions supporting the Creative Industries

Following the call for "Innovation Actions" to support ICT innovative creative industries SMEs, 16 projects were selected, starting in January/February 2015.[more]

20 January 2015
CAPS Infoday Barcelona

The current call on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) is open until 14 April 2015. Take this opportunity to get information on the call and its modalities, meet potential project...[more]

20 January 2015
Nano-RF Project: a low cost and secure way to double air traffic

NANO-RF is aiming to produce a new generation of smart reflect array antennas for improved communication, and a low-cost radar for increased air traffic with better security.[more]

19 January 2015
DiscoGnosis project: a fast and easy way to reliably detect a multitude of tropical diseases

DiscoGnosis project will enable fast, cheap and reliable detection of tropical diseases with a simple blood sample and a cd player at the point-of-care.[more]