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Information Society

15 December 2014
ENTRA: Better software cuts computer energy use

An EU research project is developing tools to help software engineers create energy-efficient code, which could reduce electricity consumption at data centres by up to 50% and improve battery life in smart devices.[more]

15 December 2014
Cloud for Europe Launches Tender for Public Sector Cloud Innovation

The Cloud for Europe project has announced the publication of a tender for the joint pre-commercial procurement (Joint PCP) for research and development on cloud computing services for public administrations. The purpose is to...[more]

12 December 2014
Future research directions in Cyber-physical Systems of Systems

Representatives of the CPSoS project project met the European Commission on 3 December to discuss future research directions in Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSos).[more]

12 December 2014
Horizon 2020 Info Day ICT-SC1: eHealth & Ageing

On 5 December 2014 the European Commission organised a Horizon 2020 information day on the topic ICT-SC1 (Societal Challenge 1), for funding of projects in the domain of ICT for health, wellbeing and ageing. Did you miss this...[more]

12 December 2014
Information technology for people with Down’s syndrome

An EU-funded ICT research project is producing visual and touch apps to help people with Down’s syndrome become more independent in their daily lives.[more]

12 December 2014
Improving dementia care with patient-focused apps

EU-funded researchers have developed new apps that enable healthcare workers to provide more personalised care to dementia sufferers.[more]

12 December 2014
Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework for RFID Applications

The EU-norm on the privacy impact assessment process (PIA) will help developers, retailers and other RFID application users to be compliant with the EU data protection legislation.[more]

12 December 2014
iPHOS project boosts high speed data transmission at a very low cost

In an era when we increasingly use mobile phones and tablets to download and exchange heavy files of high quality data, wireless super-speed becomes a must. The "Integrated Photonic Signal Sources for wireless communications"...[more]

11 December 2014
Accelerating growth through a connected Europe

GSMA Mobile 360 conference, Brussels, 5 December[more]

10 December 2014
Untapping the potential of magic mushrooms for neurosciences

Researchers at the TOPDRIM FET-Proactive project used for the first time compounds from magic mushrooms to map functional brain connections and networks. This novel approach allows researchers to understand how different brain...[more]