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25.10.2014 : 16:27

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1 September 2014
Radio spectrum: Pascal Lamy presents his report to the Commission

Europe's broadcasting and wireless broadband sectors are essential to Europe's digital future and economic prosperity, and they are both hungry users of radio frequencies. Today, Vice President Neelie Kroes was presented a report...[more]

1 September 2014
Commission Report on the Radio Spectrum Inventory

The Commission reports to the European Parliament and the Council on the results of its analysis of technology trends, future needs and demand for spectrum and presents the Commission's key findings that could lead to actions...[more]

1 September 2014
Commission Implementing Decision of 01/09/2014 on spectrum use by wireless audio PMSE

The Commission Implementing Decision on spectrum use by wireless audio PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events) harmonises a minimum amount of spectrum across Europe for wireless microphones used at sports events, in concerts...[more]

1 September 2014
ICT Proposers' Day 2014: Cyber Security

Do you want to know more about Cyber Security? Are you looking for partners or want to share your ideas? Then register now for the ICT Proposers' Day 2014 and join the Cyber Security networking session![more]

29 August 2014
EIG presents Financing Overview for ICT Entrepreneurs

On 2 October 2014 the European Investor Gate invites ICT entrepreneurs and innovators to discover ways to develop and launch finance strategies for their business plans.[more]

29 August 2014
EIG presents Silicon Stroll Bootcamp - Future insights, trends and innovations

The European Investor Gate invites 50 innovators to meet with leaders and international investors from the ICT sector in Dublin on 3 - 4 November 2014.[more]

29 August 2014
EIG Investment Forum at NEM Summit

The EU-funded European Investor Gate project will be holding an Investment Forum at the New European Media (NEM) Summit held in Brussels on 30 September 2014.[more]

29 August 2014
EIG announces 3rd e-Pitch for innovators

The European Investor Gate will be holding its 3rd e-Pitch for innovative ideas and solutions on 9 September 2014.[more]

29 August 2014
ICT Proposers' Day 2014: Photonics

Interested in Photonics? Looking for the opportunity to discuss your ideas and network with potential partners? Come to ICT Proposers' Day 2014 to find out more about Horizon 2020 funding opportunities[more]

28 August 2014
TBICare is one of "the 5 coolest EU big data projects"

CBR magazine found five big data projects the EU is supporting to help change our lives in both big and small ways. TBICare, to help people with brain trauma, is one of them.[more]