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17 November 2016
eHealth Hub: Integrated Support for eHealth SMEs and stakeholders

The eHealth Hub isa cross-border, newly EU-funded initiative. It will provide business oriented services tailored to the needs of European eHealth SMEs and relevant stakeholders (investors, demand side stakeholders, commercial...[more]

16 November 2016
17 November World Prematurity Day: new hope for premature newborns in Europe

Using big data to better monitor early born babies: Dr. Pladys, working on the Horizon 2020 DigiNew-B project, has written a blog post about what tech can do for neonatology.[more]

16 November 2016
Survey report: data management in Citizen Science projects

Between 13 July and 4 September 2015, Citizen Science projects were asked to answer a questionnaire to provide the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Citizen Science practitioners around the globe with insights into their data...[more]

16 November 2016
9th Annual Winter School on Quantum Cyber Security

This Winter School, organised by ID Quantique, is a unique opportunity to learn about the new field of quantum cyber security, to understand state-of-the-art practical quantum communications and to gain hands-on experience. The...[more]

16 November 2016
RELIEF: Procuring eHealth in the fight against chronic pain

The EU-funded RELIEF project aims to innovate chronic pain self-management through procuring the best digital solutions. They started an open market consultation, this way the consortium will get insight into the market, the...[more]

16 November 2016
Workshop on Quantum Technologies in Portugal

In the context of the preparation of the Quantum Technologies flagship initiative to promote the industrialization of quantum technologies in Europe over the next decade, the Workshop on Quantum Technologies in Portugal aims at...[more]

16 November 2016
The 5 Challenges of Personalised Medicine

The Personalised Medicine conference organised by the European Commission in July 2016, addressed the policy perspective on personalised medicine, an up and coming paradigm in healthcare. Five major challenges were identified.[more]

16 November 2016
Revolutionary innovation: how could innovation change our world?

Discuss with inventors and scientists new technologies and innovations and how they will change our daily lives.[more]

15 November 2016
From smart homes to living buildings – the next step in human habitats

FET Open project LIAR stands for Living Architecture. It wants to develop a programmable bioreactor which will turn our habitats into sustainable 'living' buildings.[more]

15 November 2016
67th COCOM meeting debriefing on wednesday 23 November 2016.

Interested parties, such as representatives of network operators, service providers, users, consumers, manufacturers, trade unions, third countries and international organisations, are invited to a short debriefing session...[more]