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23.8.2014 : 11:26

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8 July 2014
Commemoration ceremony of the United Nations with film material from the EFG1914 project

With a ceremonial event, the United Nations commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War in the presence of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Tuesday 8 July, in New York (6.30 pm local time).[more]

8 July 2014
Digital Venice 2014

This event takes place at the start of the Italian Presidency to mark the emphasis placed by the Italian government on digital innovation as the key to sustainable economic development and boost to new employment. A “Venice...[more]

7 July 2014
The success story of the Cypriot startup Teach’nGo

In the business world, you have to learn from your mistakes in order to succeed. Teach’nGo is a prime example of how persistence is often the key to success.[more]

7 July 2014
Cross-border health project epSOS: What has it achieved?

In June 2014 the large-scale epSOS pilot, providing smart cross-border health services, came to an end. The epSOS team has written a letter to highlight the achievements of the project, outline initiatives taking the results...[more]

7 July 2014
The Bouchout Declaration: A contribution from the biodiversity community to Open Digital Science

The Bouchout Declaration encourages an overarching approach to Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management[more]

7 July 2014
The success story of the Greek startup

The Cloud is one of the hottest buzzwords in IT but it raises questions about security and management. Greek startup has made at least one of those tasks a little easier.[more]

4 July 2014
Digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation - France - Progress Report 2011-2013

The Commission Recommendation of 27 October 2011 on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation invites the Member States to inform the Commission every two years of action taken in...[more]

4 July 2014
5G networks will be a leap, not a step, forward

Vice-President of the European Commission NeelieKroes says it’s important to understand 5G mobile will be more than just the next step beyond today’s 4G networks. “It will also offer totally new possibilities to...[more]

4 July 2014
ICT Proposers' Day 2014: ICT-Based solutions for Transport & Green Cars

Curious about the next Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for investing in the Future Road Transport? Already aware but still looking for partners or wanting to share ideas? Then register for ICT Proposers' Day 2014![more]