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31.7.2015 : 19:23

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11 June 2015
Help design the ePlus project

The EUs ePlus project set up to help Europes web entrepreneurs grow has launched their alpha version website and needs your help designing the next step. The project is linking together several 'startup ecosystems' so that...[more]

11 June 2015
Calendar Going Local 2015

Indicative calendar of 2015 Digital Single Market Going Local 2015 visits[more]

11 June 2015
The EU-Latin America submarine cable: Boosting the connection between our continents

The European Commission is supporting a new submarine fibre-optic cable between Europe and Latin America, linking Lisbon (Portugal) with Fortaleza (Brazil). This initiative will bring our continents closer and boost education,...[more]

11 June 2015
Telecoms Council 12th June: Telecoms Single Market, Digital Single Market, Web Accessibility, Cybersecurity on the agenda.

On Friday 12th June, EU digital and telecoms ministers will meet in Luxembourg for key discussion on digital topics including Roaming, open internet, the Digital Single Market, cyber security, web accessibility, digital public...[more]

11 June 2015
CoherentPaaS: Massive data management for the Digital Single Market

An EU-backed project is simplifying cloud data management. This could help banks, telcos and other prospective customers build Big Data apps in hours instead of months.[more]

10 June 2015
Blog post - Alice in the flatland: the trip of graphene from Nobel Prize to European competitiveness

Zoran Stani, Deputy Director General of DG CONNECT, talks about graphene, after a workshop held at the European Parliament featuring the Nobel Prize Laureate, Sir Konstantin Novoselov[more]

10 June 2015
The Internet of Things Week 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology and a market development based on the interconnection of everyday objects among themselves and applications. IoT will enable an ecosystem of smart applications and services, which will...[more]

10 June 2015
Results of the Lamy Report Public Consultation on 700MHz spectrum band

Today the European Commission published the results of a public consultation on the September 2014 Lamy report concerning the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band. The results of the consultation suggest that an EU coordinated...[more]

10 June 2015
BOC: Mimicking the body on a chip for new drug testing

Scientists in an EU-supported project have developed a microfluidic chip that simultaneously analyses the reactions of several human organ tissues when they come into contact with candidates for new drugs. The ground-breaking...[more]

9 June 2015
Shape the future of Europe's research and innovation policy

Bringing together key players from the fields of research, business and innovation, the conference "Opening up to an era of innovation" will address Open Science, the European Research Area and Innovation.[more]