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27.5.2015 : 17:36

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21 April 2015
‘Excellent’ rating for Presto4U at final EU review

EU-funded project Presto4U has just had its final review. The project had two main goals: to identify useful research results in the digital Audiovisual preservation domain and to raise awareness and improve adoption of these...[more]

21 April 2015
The EUNOIA project paves the way for the start-up KINEO

Funded as part of the Global Systems Science (GSS) initiative in FP7, the project EUNOIA investigated a variety of non-conventional sources of geolocated data — such as mobile phone records, GPS tracks, smart card data,...[more]

20 April 2015
Ex-ante publicity for low-value contracts between €15.000 and €60.000

Call for tenders: Production of 2 short videos on ICT topics[more]

20 April 2015
e-Mark U Trust Competition Award Ceremony - And the winner is...

The winner and the runners up of the e-Mark U Trust Competition, launched last summer, will be honoured at an official award ceremony hosted by European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip (@Ansip_EU). The winner will have...[more]

20 April 2015
SEMIC 2015 – 5th Semantic Interoperability Conference

The ISA programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) is organising this conference in cooperation with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Last year's conference attracted...[more]

20 April 2015
SPARC Partnership Board Meeting - 4 February 2015

The Public-Private Partnership in robotics (SPARC) met in Brussels on 4 Febrary 2015 and welcomed Chris Bourillon as the new Secretary General.[more]

20 April 2015
National Information Day: Future and Emerging Technologies

The Technology Centre ASCR in Prague welcomes an Information Day about Future and Emerging Technologies, with Timo Hallantie, Head of FET Open unit, presenting the scheme.[more]

17 April 2015
PAN-Robots: Automating logistics for the factory of the future

Mass production and packaging in factories is already highly automated these days, but the same cannot be said for logistics. Movements of raw materials and finished products still depend heavily on manual labour. However,...[more]

17 April 2015
China at CeBIT 2015 - Smart Cities & Sustainability

Technology is at the center of China’s growth plans and many believe that the country will achieve its ambition to become a major innovative powerhouse in the years to come. China was selected as the official Partner...[more]

16 April 2015
BBC news on 3D touch screens from GHOST FET Open project

GHOST FET Open project has just been featured in a video from BBC news, where the team at Lancaster University has devised a way of making data "come out" of the screen. This paves the future for responsive 3D computer screens.[more]