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25.4.2017 : 20:23

Information Society

8 March 2017
Save the date: Rural Summit 2017

58% of EU citizens live in rural, remote and mountainous areas. Currently only 28% of such areas are covered by fast or ultra-fast broadband . This issue is going to be debated during the Rural Summit 2017 in Eindhoven.[more]

7 March 2017
A major milestone for an EU cross-border Digital Public Services ecosystem: Get on board!

In case you have missed the e-SENS event you can still embark on the journey of a new era for Digital Public Services and contribute to the EU Digital ecosystem for public administrations and beyond.[more]

7 March 2017
Access to the European public services with national eID is becoming possible

Germany, the Netherlands and Austria have successfully connected their electronic identification and authentication infrastructure, making it possible to use Austrian and German eID to access Dutch online public services....[more]

7 March 2017
Let's talk about eParticipation!

During this Webinar, the European projects STEP, EMPATIA and EUth will present their platforms and tools to youth workers, participation experts, software developers, etc. interested in Digital Participation.[more]

7 March 2017
FIWARE moves on: From research and innovation to setting European standards and business success

Today the FIWARE Open Day marks the successful completion of the Future Internet PPPP and passes thebaton on to the FIWARE Foundation. This guarantees the long-term evolution of FIWARE and establishes the platform as an...[more]

7 March 2017
Call for tender for study on safety of non-embedded software; Service, data access, and legal issues of advanced robots, autonomous, connected, and AI-based vehicles and systems

The European Commission has re-launched a call for tender for a service contract to conduct a study on "The safety of non-embedded software; Service, data access, and legal issues of advanced robots, autonomous, connected, and...[more]

7 March 2017
Public consultation on whistleblower protection

The consultation, launched by DG Justice and Consumers, will enable to collect information, views and experiences on the benefits and drawbacks of whistleblower protection; on the elements that are important for effective...[more]

7 March 2017
How can BlueBRIDGE and e-infrastructures boost Blue Growth?

A workshop was organised by BlueBRIDGE in January 2017 to understand Understanding how ecosystems of e-infrastructures can boost Blue Growth. It was an opportunity to hear practical testimonies from BlueBRIDGE Virtual Research...[more]

7 March 2017
EUDAT and Research Data Management Summer School

EUDAT is organizing a Summer School to introduce early-career researchers to the principles and tools needed for careers in data intensive science and data management. The course is applicable to those working with big data, as...[more]

6 March 2017
Expert support on technical standards related to the accessibility of mobile applications

The European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 25 000. The purpose of this call for tenders is to procure the expertise needed in the area of technical standards...[more]