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20 March 2014
MIHealth: Health Management and Clinical Innovation Forum

The organisers of this event in Barcelona are looking for innovative projects being developed in the healthcare sector. The best "Innovation Capsules" will participate in the "MIHealth Innovation Awards". Deadline to apply: 28...[more]

20 March 2014
Fibre connections for the Municipality of Vejen

The municipality of Vejen has been working with broadband infrastructure and access to broadband for a number of years. They have participated in projects and formed a strategy to ensure access to highspeed fibre connections in...[more]

20 March 2014
Policy orientations to reach the European Digital Agenda targets - an EU-wide comparison

In 2012 Analysys Mason published a study for Telefónica and Telecom Italia in order to examine the progress to date towards achievements of the European Digital Agenda targets for 2020. The study includes a comparison of...[more]

20 March 2014
Successfully Bringing Fibre to Rural Finland

In Finland's Suupohja County a municipality-owned fibre network to public places and village has been established between 2005 and 2013 (and continuing) in order to revitalise the countryside.The network has been built by...[more]

20 March 2014
ENGAGE- development of High Speed Broadband networks and services throughout rural Europe

Within the ENGAGE project (“Enhancing Next Generation Access Growth in Europe”), running since January 2012 until December 2014, a Good Practice Guide has been devloped. The guide presents Good Practices from the...[more]

20 March 2014
Poland - mapping of telecom infrastructure

The Polish Office of Electronic Communications established in 2011 an Information Broadband Infrastructure System (SIIS) showing Polish telecom infrastructure including building levels, operators, penetration and internet speed.[more]

20 March 2014
Optic Fibre for three Austrian municipalities

Three Austrian municipalities Großschönau, St. Martin and Bad Großpertholz have connected in a common initiative their citizens with FTTH and created a common fibre network between 2005 and 2009. The document...[more]

19 March 2014
Young researchers from the EU to develop an ultra-compact graphene-based mid-infrared broadband light source

The EU launched a new project called Graphenics that aims to develop an ultra-compact graphene-based mid-infrared broadband light source. The project include researchers from Belgium, Austria, Poland and Canada. They hope to...[more]