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28.4.2015 : 20:14

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12 March 2015
eChallenges e-2015 - Call for papers launched

The goal of e-2015 is to stimulate take-up of Research and Technology Development (RTD) results by industry and in particular SMEs, and help open up the European Research Area (ERA) to the rest of the world. One of the core...[more]

11 March 2015
PD_Manager: New mHealth platform for Parkinson's disease

A new project will allow people with Parkinson's to be followed by a multidisciplinary team, with the use of easy and accessible technologies. The mHealth platform for Parkinson's Disease management (PD_Manager project) is being...[more]

11 March 2015
Launch of study on digital skills in the workplace

Digital skills are increasingly needed throughout the workforce, as a complement to existing jobs and for the new jobs that are being created. Indeed, it has been suggested that soon 90% of jobs will require digital skills.[more]

11 March 2015
Multilingual Digital Single Market - Riga Summit 2015

The Riga summit will bring together the European language technology community in an attempt to tackle the practical challenges of the multilingual Digital Single Market. The objectives are to identify challenges and demonstrate...[more]

11 March 2015
Blog post: Thierry Van der Pyl, Director "Excellence in Science" at the European Commission, announces main review conclusions and recommendations of Graphene Flagship project.

The Commission held last January the first annual review meeting of the Graphene Flagship, assisted by 14 independent experts in Brussels. The aim of the review was to assess the work of the Flagship in its first year of...[more]

11 March 2015
1st Technical Review Graphene Flagship: Main conclusions and recommendations

The Commission held last January the first annual review meeting of the Graphene Flagship, assisted by 14 independent experts in Brussels. This review covers the period 1/10/2013 - 30/9/2014.[more]

10 March 2015
FP7 project MARKOS - Final Prototype released

MARKOS is an open source tool, now available as final prototype version, supporting software analysts and developers to inspect the code structure and possible license issues of Open Source Software (OSS) available on public...[more]

10 March 2015
RoCKIn Competition 2015

The second RoCKIN robotic competition will take place in Lisbon during the European Robotics Week. All teams interested to participate in RoCKIn Competition 2015 should declare first their intention to participate (until 31 May...[more]

10 March 2015
Innovation is about starts: when ICT and ART Connect

The ICT ART CNECT study reveals new evidence for the integration of the Arts as an essential and fruitful component within research and innovation in ICT. The underlying aim of this study is to contribute to enhancing creativity...[more]

10 March 2015
The road to 5G

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2 March 2015[more]