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Bled conference - Technical workshops (1-2 April 2008)

Future Internet Conference Bled

Future Internet Conference Bled 2008 - Workshop Structure

The Bled discussions are themed around the project groupings. However a key point for this event is the cross-fertilisation of the concepts and ideas outside the traditional constraints.  This means that participants should consider being involved in discussions with players they do not normally meet. In this way, it is hoped to promote a more comprehensive and stimulating discussion about the European perspectives for the future of our networked society.   


Session BO1: Networks:  Issues Paper,  Draft Agenda, undefinedInternet of Things Issues

Session BO2: Services: Issues PaperDraft Agenda

Session BO3: Spare

Session BO4: Content: Issues Paper, Draft Agenda

Session BO5: Security, Trust & Privacy: Issues Paper, Draft Agenda

Session BO6: Experimental Facilities: Issues Paper, Draft Agenda

undefinedThe Future Of The Internet - Perspectives emerging from R&D in Europe, Bled, 1 & 2 April, 2008

1 April 2008