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24.11.2014 : 5:42

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21 November 2014
European Robotics Week 2014 - over 300 events!

Over 300 events are scheduled to take place in 20 countries all across Europe! A new music festival? No! It's the European Robotics Week 2014.[more]

20 November 2014
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) and Neuroscience

Understanding the brain and its various pathologies could benefit millions of people. At the same time, progress in neuroscience is increasingly dependent on advanced technologies. This kind of synergistic cross-disciplinarity is...[more]

20 November 2014
Report Code Week Ambassadors meeting 30 September

39 representatives of the EU Code Week Ambassadors met on 30 September 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to enable Code Week Ambassadors to share best practices, network, fine-tune activities for EU Code Week 11-17 October,...[more]

20 November 2014
Live chat with Commissioner Oettinger

Today 3 pm #dpa-Live-Chat with Commissioner Oettinger on Digital Economy and Society. Looking forward to your questions![more]

20 November 2014
The Place of the National Judiciary in the Single Market for Telecoms

The 9th Seminar for National Judges took place in Brussels on 20 November 2014, at the premises of the European Commission. It assembled 36 judges from 24 different Member States, as well as 27 representatives of 22 different...[more]

20 November 2014
Workshop on Internet of Things - a Deeper Dive

The objective of the workshop is to stimulate and receive input for the development of the idea of platforms for Large Scale Pilots, in the context of the preparation of the work programme 2016/17 (LEIT-ICT) in the area Internet...[more]

19 November 2014
Innovation procurement workshop

Innovation Procurement enables the public sector to modernize its services while saving costs and creating market opportunities for the companies in Europe. This workshop was organised during the Open Days 2014 under the title...[more]

19 November 2014
RoboSoft: A Coordination Action for Soft Robotics

Soft robotics technologies are becoming a major focus of robotics and hold great promise to become a cutting-edge for the development of systems for a wide range of new applications especially in those areas previously forbidden...[more]

19 November 2014
EU Workshop on Spectrum Planning for 5G

The first EU Workshop on Spectrum Planning for 5G was organised by the European Commission (EC), as a joint initiative of the ‘Network Technologies’ (E1) and ‘Spectrum’ (B4) units of DG CONNECT...[more]

19 November 2014
FAQs on H2020 calls on Customised and Low-power Computing (ICT 4) and ICT in Factories of the Future (FoF 8 and FoF 9)

The list of questions/answers below has been compiled on the basis of actual questions asked during some events and questions received by Unit "Complex Systems and Advanced Computing" since the launch of H2020.[more]