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27.10.2016 : 8:47

Information Society

26 October 2016
The adoption of a directive on the accessibility of the sector bodies' websites and mobile apps

On 26 October 2016 the European Parliament approved the directive on making the websites and mobile apps of public sector bodies more accessible. This means that people with disabilities – especially persons with vision or...[more]

25 October 2016
FET Flagships: lessons learnt

The European Commission and the two flagships, the Graphene Flagship & the Human Brain Project, have a glimpse in the rear-view mirror and draw the lessons collectively learnt.[more]

25 October 2016
Digital solutions for heart failure management

This video by the EU-funded HEARTEN project describes their innovative mobile platform that will allow patients suffering from heart failure to be managed and linked with healthcare professionals, caregivers, their families,...[more]

25 October 2016
First report of High Level Expert Group on the European Open science Cloud

The High Level Expert Group on the European Open science Cloud has published its first report on the European Open Science Cloud including a set of recommendations for further reflection and engagement of scientific user...[more]

24 October 2016
Reporting on Graphene Flagship EU – US workshop on 2d Materials, Heterostructures &and Devices

More than 120 researchers from across the US, the Graphene Flagship, and FLAG-ERA came together in October 2016 for in-depth discussions on new results, current challenges and future research directions.[more]

24 October 2016
eGovernment as a window of opportunity for the local level

Ale municipality and the city of Gothenburg invite you to a seminar followed by parallel workshops in Brussels on Tuesday 8th November to discuss how local governments can integrate digital technologies in the public...[more]

24 October 2016
The 66th extraordinary meeting of the COCOM

The 66th extraordinary meeting of the COCOM (Communications Committee)will beentirely dedicated to discuss the Draft Regulation of Fair Use and Sustainability. It will not contain any open to experts point and will not be...[more]

21 October 2016
Call for tenders: Certification schemes for Cloud computing – SMART 2016/0029

The European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 130 000 – a hundred and thirty thousand euros.[more]

21 October 2016
EIT Health VentureLab Weekend

EIT Health VentureLab Weekend is a 3-day-long event where aspiring entrepreneurs in healthcare, healthy ageing and medical business can find out if their startup ideas are viable. Apply before 1 November 2016.[more]

21 October 2016
Save the date: Open stakeholder meeting on mHealth assessment guidelines

At this second open stakeholder meeting the third draft of the guidelines will be presented and views and comments will be gathered for the last time.[more]