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4.7.2015 : 21:00

Information Society

3 July 2015
Planned new submarine cable between Europe and Latin America: Joint Venture agreement signed

The submarine optical fibre cable between Europe and Latin America will link Lisbon (Portugal) with Fortaleza (Brazil). This initiative will bring the 2 continents closer and boost education, research and innovation as well as...[more]

2 July 2015
Framework Contract for the provision of evaluation and impact assessment services to DG CONNECT - SMART 2013/0065

The European Commission launched a call for tenders for a framework contract for the provision of evaluation and impact assessment services to DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology in the areas of spectrum policy,...[more]

2 July 2015
The Digital Single Market: driving the economic growth

This requires investment in ICT infrastructures such as cloud computing and Big Data; research and innovation to boost industrial competiveness; and an inclusive society, with better public services and better digital skills for...[more]

2 July 2015
The Digital Single Market: better digital networks for innovation

Innovators need the right conditions for their new products. They require high-speed, secure and trustworthy infrastructure, supported by the right regulatory conditions for investment, fair competition and a level playing field.[more]

2 July 2015
The Digital Single Market: Improving the access to digital goods and services

Consumers want to access digital goods and services across borders. Business would profit more. Facilitating this transaction is one of the objectives of the Digital Single Market Commission proposal. A truly Single Market...[more]

2 July 2015
Horizon Prizes in the field of digital technologies - Registration is now open

The registrations for the Horizon Prizes for breaking the optical transmission barriers and collaborative spectrum sharing are now open. Innovators, SMEs and non-profit organisations, can now formally register and submit their...[more]

2 July 2015
ICT 2015: results of the call for applications for Students, Young Researchers and Innovators

The call inviting Students, Young Researchers and Innovators to participate in ICT2015 attracted numerous ICT enthusiasts from all over the Europe. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our event.[more]

2 July 2015
Website for European Startups launched

Startup Europe has just launched a brand new website, a single-entry-point portal entirely dedicated to European tech startups with the mission of uniting their ecosystems. Startup Europe aims to strengthen the business...[more]

2 July 2015
Crowdfunding workshop - Funding Research, Innovation and Culture in a New Digital Age: Opportunities and challenges for European crowdfunding champions

This workshop on alternative finance aims to understand the platforms operating specifically in research, innovation and cultural sectors. Participants will take a look at their state of play and will exchange views on possible...[more]

1 July 2015
EU unveils 19 projects selected under the 5G Public Private Partnership

The nineteen projects of the first phase of the 5G public private partnership (5G-PPP) were presented at the European Conference on Networks and Communications conference in Paris. The EU invests, through these selected projects,...[more]