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15 April, 11:30 - 13:30 Foundations of Trust in the Future Internet

Responsible Caretakers: Nick Wainwright, Volkmar Lotz, Jim Clarke, Michel Riguidel


Europe’s Future Internet initiatives will extend the reach of Internet services intomany more aspects of business and personal lives than we have hithertoexperienced. New business models, new platforms and new services, more openand global online markets, increasingly sophisticated data mining technology, deeperintegration between the physical and virtual worlds, and new technologies all createnew challenges for the creation of a trustworthy Future Internet.

The session ‘Foundations of Trust in the Future Internet’ will explore the human and technical foundations of trust in the Future Internet with the intent of developing a roadmap for future cross domain research. The session will address the very real question of how we ensure that end users can have sufficient confidence and trust in the infrastructure and services of the future internet to readily participate in a digital life and digital society. Invited speakers will explore a number of different dimensions to trust and trustworthiness.

11.30 undefinedTrust in the Future Internet. Introductory Remarks . FIA Caretakers.

11.40 undefinedSecurity Challenges for the Future Internet, Prof. Evangelos Markatos, FORTH
and Univ. of Crete,

12.00 undefinedProvenance in the Future Internet, Dr. Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez
R&D Director, iSOCO,

12.20 undefinedEconomics of Trust and Security, Dr Simon Shiu, System Security Lab, HP

12.40undefined Legal frameworks for Trust in the Future Internet, Mireille Hildbrandt, Associate
Professor and Senior Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Erasmus
University Rotterdam

1.00 undefinedPanel Discussion, Building Trust into the Future Internet (speakers).


1.30 Session close.



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