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16 April, 09:00 - 11:00 What does Future Internet bring to Smart Cities?

FIA Smart Cities caretakers Nick Wainwright, Alex Gluhak, Mirko Presser, Mikhail Simonov
Future Internet offers solutions to many challenges that cities face; community building, mobility, efficient service provisioning, new applications and services, rethinking utilities, culture and the built environment.  Cities provide a unique opportunity to the Future Internet; they offer real challenges, real users at a high density, realistic societal, organisational and operational structures, self sufficient governance and decision making. 

There is however a gap between researchers dealing with cities and researchers dealing with the Future Internet: smart city research explores the problem space through application pilots and experimental  research; Future Internet research explores open, internet scale infrastructure and platforms. The session “What does Future Internet Bring to Smart Cities?” locks these two groups into one place to foster an understanding and provide a launch for collaboration through presentations from leading researchers in smart cities, followed by a facilitated workshop session that will seek to link real smart city challenges to future internet research.

The agenda consists of three different aspects of Smart Cities (Living, Managing, Transport). For each topic, a speaker will discuss the challenges for smart cities on the future internet and future internet research. This will be followed by a panel discussion. The findings of this session will be incorporated into a short paper.

Smart Cities Session Agenda


09.00    Introduction – FIA Caretakers

09.05    undefinedLiving in Smart Cities – Challenges for Future Internet, Martin Brynskov, Center for Digital Urban Living, Aarhus University,


09.25     Smart Cities Panel Session #1 – Martin Brynskov, TBA1, TBA2, Moderated by Mirko Presser

09.45    Running Smart Cities – Challenges for Future Internet, Cedric Ulmer, SAP Research


10.05     Smart Cities Panel Session #2, Cedric Ulmer, TBA3, TBA4, Moderated by Nick Wainwright

10.25     undefinedSmart Urban Transport, Antonio Marques, Director of New Technologies, ETRA,

10.45     Smart Cities Panel Session #3, Antonio Marques, TBA5, TBA6 moderated by Alex Gluhak


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