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15 April, 11:30 - 13:30 What does Future Internet mean for enterprise?


  • Vision: Smart Enterprises of the future and Innovation as a business routine
  • Business Models: business models to support new value propositions and drive new business values  
  • Future Internet Systems: next generation systems that will support enterprises to innovate and thrive in the post-crisis landscape.

Inputs from all interested parties in the run up to FIA Valencia are actively sought. These inputs will be fed directly to the Open Discussion Panel, a main agenda item of the Enterprise session in Valencia.

A dedicated section is available at the public wiki for all to provide inputs as from 22 February 2010. Please contribute! The wiki also includes a collection of public resources related to the subject of the session.   

For more information please refer to the undefinedbackground and objectives document.

Session Agenda

Session caretakers: Man-Sze Li, IC Focus (FISO, FISE), Stefano De Panfilis, Engineering (EFII), Sergio Gusmeroli, TXT (FISO), John Kennedy, Intel (FISO, RWI), Jean-Dominique Meunier, Thomson (NEM, FCN), Michele Missikoff, CNR (FISO)


  • Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

undefinedMan-Sze Li, IC Focus

  • Speakers Panel (45 minutes)

undefinedStefano De Panfilis, EFII

undefinedThomas Bohnert, SAP

undefinedMiguel Borras, Antara

  • Open Discussion Panel (60 minutes)

Three consecutive sub-panels, covering the three themes of the session (Vision, Business Models, and Future Internet Systems).


The open discussion panel will actively engage the audience. It will draw upon:
- prior inputs provided via the enterprise public wiki in the run up to FIA Valencia
- inputs arising from the speakers’ presentations
- direct inputs from the audience during the session

  • Summary and Wrap Up (10 minutes)

The main points of the session presentations and discussions were blogged in real time at  undefinedFIA Enterprise Blog and undefinedFIA Enterprise Twitter


Session caretakers