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Report of the sessions on Architecture

The separate report of the architecture sessions is available for undefineddownload.

Towards a Future Internet Architecture

Caretakers: Alex Galis, Alex Gluhak, Marcus Brunner, Henrik Abramowicz, Theodore Zahariadis, Stefano De Panfilis - MANA, FCN, RWI, FISO Working Groups


During previous FIAs several discussions have taken place about the architectures for the Future Internet. Several reference models are under development by different groups, requirements and research challenges for architectures have been set. During FIA Valencia there will be a 6.5 hours track on architectures (consisting of three different sessions) trying to advance this work, aiming at a consolidated reference architecture, which can be presented during FIA Ghent.

15 April, 11:30-13:30 FI Reference model - Session 1

The first session will focus on the need for a new architecture for the Future Internet, and its design goals. This will be followed by the presentation of several existing reference architectures. Each speaker will try to relate his/her reference architecture to the others. Finally, there will be a presentation about the evaluation criteria of an architecture. How can you compare different architectures? This will be the introduction to a broad discussion with the audience on how to draw closer to one "European" reference architecture for the Future Internet.


15 April, 15:00-17:30 Which concrete results are already available, with evidence that it could work? - Session 2

The second session will show concrete results of various European projects on architectures. Several evolutionary approaches will be presented, but also clean(er)-slate ones. In several of the areas identified by the reference models (networking, virtualisation, identity, content delivery) of the previous sessions, the audience is able to find out one or two concrete examples of what the future Internet architecture might be. This session again ends with a discussion on how to build on these results to achieve a European reference architecture for the Future Internet.


16 April, 09:00-11:00 How to move white papers and ideas to standardisation? - Session 3

The third session focuses on how to move forward with these research results to standardisation bodies and to take up by a community. Several standardisation bodies that are working on Future Internet will explain the objectives and scope of their work. An alternative way of disseminating results could be through the use of open source solutions. And finally, a proposal will be made on a competition comparing future Internet architectures, in analogy to the well-known RoboCup. 

All these three sessions should lead to an action plan on how to achieve a common view with a roadmap on a European Future Internet Architecture."