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29 April 2009

The last meeting of the Future Internet Assembly Organising Committee before the Prague FIA conference was held on 29 April 2009 in Brussels.

Other draft documents necessary to understand the presentation by the EC include:

NOTE that the above three documents are work in progress and evolve rapidly. Feedback by the caretakers is welcome.


All caretakers are requested to sent to undefinedThomas Skordas by 05 May 2009

  • 1 or 2 slides on FI scenarios
  • 1 or 2 slides on main research challenges you identified
  • 1 slide presenting your BO Session and the type of audience you would like to attend it

Looking forward to receiving your inputs and seeing you all in Prague,
Best wishes,
On behalf of INFSO D & F
Thomas Skordas

06 March 2009

Following our meeting on the 6th of March, please find enclosed:

  • The undefinedmain conclusions of our meeting accompanied by a presentation on a "undefinedMethodology of work towards FIA Prague", clarifying the time line of work from now to FIA Prague and the links between the FIA process and the internal work of DG INFSO on the definition of the content of the next ICT WP (2011-2013).

With regard to the FIA event in Prague, the agenda of Day 1 (11th May) is now available at

As for Days 2 and 3 (12-13 May), the updated agenda is enclosed. It takes into account, to the extent possible, the different suggestions and requirements from all of you. Please note that this agenda is based on the following:

  • Ensuring continuity of structure so as to build on the good team spirit established within the working groups since Bled and Madrid.
  • Present in the opening plenary the FI scenarios, functionalities and challenges elaborated by the DG INFSO's FI Task Forces. This will provide inspiration for discussion in the individual break-out sessions taking in to account the specificities/needs of each area.
  • Following Madrid's approach, each break-out session should devote some time to discuss how the experimental facilities should support the testing and validation of the scenarios and challenges identified in each working group. These will be presented in the FIRE session planned at the end of the agenda. To facilitate the discussion and make it short, a summary of the FIRE facilities offer will be circulated beforehand.
  • We continue the good practice of updating the FIA participants about Member States initiatives. This should facilitate the inter-working of the FIA with the Future Internet Forum of Member States initiatives.
  • The final plenary is organised in such a way that caretakers/break-out chairs can easily compile a report of their sessions to be delivered to all participants.

In addition to the above, please also note the following:

  • Regarding the request to have larger rooms than Madrid: the break-out rooms' capacity will be >120 persons. This should allow running the three parallel break-out sessions.
  • Regarding the request to extend the overall duration of the conference: in the proposed agenda the break-out time has been stretched to the maximum possible extent. This should now give sufficient time to organise interactive discussions. We suggest you to plan your break-out session agenda to limit the number of "one way" introductory speeches to rapidly get into the interactive part.

We would be grateful if you could:

  1. undefinedWidely distribute this agenda to your project constituencies and remind them to register to the FIA event in Prague (
  2. Plan your individual sessions taking into account the overall setting (see above) and the specificity of each working group. A consolidated agenda of all break-out sessions should be presented at our next meeting planned on 29 April [TBC] in Brussels and also made available via the site.

We thank you and look forward to further progressing the FIA momentum in Prague,

Best wishes,

DG INFSO Dir F + Dir D