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22.4.2018 : 8:22

EU and US Innovation Platforms for Future Internet

Session Organisers

Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent, France) - undefinedDidier_Arnaud.Bourse(at)
Serge Fdida (University Pierre et Marie Curie, France) - undefinedserge.fdida(at)

Session Description

The Future Internet is currently addressed by several large R&D programmes in the different regions and related countries. This session is focusing on the EU and US approaches for Innovation Platforms and is directly building on the Aalborg FIA session 1.2 “Open Platforms for Innovation” that was analyzing the differences and complementarities in approaches, business, challenges and involved stakeholders. This session in Dublin FIA will address the key perspective “Where do we stand one year after Aalborg FIA?” and focus on the following questions:

  1. What are the key progresses achieved and the main issues faced?
  2. What are the next challenges ahead?
  3. What are the key lessons learnt by the different stakeholders (industry, research centers, funding agencies…)?
  4. What are the forecasted innovation and business ahead?
  5. How can we further develop synergies and cooperations between EU and US in the next period?

The targeted audience is:

  1. Researchers and developers from industry and academics engaged in Future Internet programmes and projects, e.g. FI PPP programme, FIRE projects, eInfrastructures projects, Living Labs projects and KIC ICT Labs programme.
  2. Innovation leaders and entrepreneurs interested to know more about the developments of Future Internet programmes and projects and participate to the discussion on the potential innovation and business opportunities ahead.


1. Session introduction and framing (10 mns) - Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent).

2. EU and US Future Internet Programmes perspectives (30 mns).

  • Per Blixt (European Commission).
  • Mark Berman (GENI Project Office (GPO) - BBN).
  • Glenn Ricart (IGNITE CTO).

3. Panel discussion and interaction with audience (70 mns) – Moderated by Serge Fdida (University Pierre et Marie Curie).

The panel will address the key perspectives and questions identified in the session description.

The panellists will include:

  • Per Blixt (European Commission).
  • Mark Berman (GENI Project Office (GPO) - BBN).
  • Glenn Ricart (IGNITE CTO).
  • Juanjo Hierro (Telefonica I&D).
  • Maurizio Cecchi (Telecom Italia).
  • Piet Demeester (UGent - iMinds).

4. Session wrap-up, key take away and next steps (10 mns) - Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent).