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22.4.2018 : 8:22

Mobile Games in the Cloud

Session Organisers

Jean-Charles Point, JCP-Consult, undefinedpointjc(at)
Gwendal Simon, IMT, undefinedgwendal.simon(at)
Malte Behrmann, EGDF, undefinedbehrmann(at)

Session Description

The workshop aims at addressing some aspects of two issues related to mobile games: Game evolution for Cloud and standardization issues related to Cloud and Middleware.

Cloud gaming is expected to be an essential element for mobile game market growth. However recent assessments [CWSR12, HHCC13] show some limitations, which may limit the future deployment of future mobile games running on cloud:

  • Current cloud architecture does not suit the requirements of mobile gaming: cloud providers build large data-centers in few locations. Moreover servers in data-center rarely embed GPU
  • Current game engines are not suited to cloud: when several game engines run concurrently in a server, they compete for resources without cooperating. As a matter of fact, only five game engines can run concurrently in a server. Distributed cloud architecture for games and game engine partitioning are 2 future trends, which can solve these issues, but require complex evolutions.

The session objective will be to develop the following issues:

  • Analyse the current limitations of cloud with regards to mobile games quality and latency requirements; present disruptive solutions to fulfil the requirement of game
  • Investigate how current and new stakeholders (e.g. game studios, publishers, operators, cloud providers) can position into this new ecosystem
  • Investigate what standards regarding cloud adaptation for mobile game, and mobile game engines adaptation for cloud are required to ensure fair positioning of the mobile game community.

Target audience

Developers, operators, publishers, network operators, vendors, cloud providers, research community, SDOs, game community.


Moderators: Malte Behrmann, Jean-Charles Point, Gwendal Simon.

5 min Agenda and session objectives

60 min. Stakeholders' views, 10 min max per speaker

  • Network and Cloud for mobile games (20min): Gwendal Simon (IMT) + Arda Akman (R&D Manager Turk Telekom)
  • Mobile Game Development and Cloud (20 min):  Maarten Noyons (CEO NCC) + Conor Winders (CEO Redwind Software), Alan Duggan (CEO Tribal City Interactive)
  • Standards in Mobile Game Development (20min): Renaud di Francesco (Director Europe Technology Standards Office, Sony) and Folker Schamel (CEO Spinor)     

35 min Closing panel: How can we link game requirements with network aware cloud; how to link this with standards? : Mod. + Speakers

10 min Conclusions and further work: Moderators