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Future Internet Assembly (FIA), Athens, 18-20 March 2014

Scope of the Conference

This year FIA focuses on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation.

The thematic areas in this year’s event are:

  • The new Internet technological landscape based on network/cloud integration through Software Defined Networking (SDN),  Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and innovative software and services that enable application innovation;
  • The contribution of the EU National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) developments in the SDN/NFV domain;
  • The role of SDN/NFV in i) building Internet applications of major impact (e.g., social networks, open data, big data analysis, etc.) with virtual services capabilities; ii) enabling  the reduction in resources used (energy efficiency, reduction of raw-materials, etc....); iii) fostering the emergence of open platforms to create downstream markets for third party developers;
  • The EU Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) and how they are positioned relative to these developments and relevant requirements towards demonstration and test-beds in Europe/globally.

Format and Layout

undefinedFIA Athens will be a three-day EU Greek Presidency event, supported jointly with the European Commission. It will take place in Athens on 18 - 20 March:

  • 18 March - High-Profile Plenary Session
  • 19 - 20 March – 9 Working Sessions & Exhibition Days


FIA Athens 2014 will be held at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (MAICC), one of the finest and most technologically advanced conference venues in Europe. Situated in the city center, yet surrounded by its own extensive landscaped gardens, MAICC offers a stunning environment, exceptional aesthetics, cutting edge technology and unrivalled client service. Find out more about MAICC undefinedhere.


Please see the detailed undefinedProgramme.

High Profile Plenary Session 18 March 2014 (14:00-18:15)


  • Afrodite Sevasti - Chief Business Development Officer at GRNET, Greece & Senior Project Manager in GÉANT (GN3plus)
  • Gaby Lenhart - ETSI


The High Profile Plenary opens the FIA2014 event with a series of talks from renowned speakers of the industry and the research community, focusing on the foreseen commercial developments and innovation in network and service platforms brought by Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Opening Session  (presentation 45 min.)

  • Welcome speech/address by the Secretary General of Research and Technology, Mr. Ch. Vasilakos
  • Welcome by the organizer, Prof. P. Tsanakas (GRNET Chairman)
  • Talk by Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Mr. M. Daskalakis
  • Opening by the Commission

SDN-NFV: What innovation can they offer? (presentation 90 min.)

The session is intended to review the promise and status of SDN/NFV deployment, and to provide views on how the technology can benefit the economy at large, with possibility to move towards more open networks and possibility to create downstream third party markets in services.

  • Prodip SEN, Verizon, Director Network architecture and ETSI NFV chair
  • Nicola Ciulli, CTO, NetxtWorks, SME perspective
  • Yanick Pouffary, Distinguished Technologist and Chief Technologist, Technology Services — Networking, Hewlett Packard Company

SDN-NFV: What can Research Networks offer? (presentation 90 min.)

Multiple research and experimental infrastructure exist across Europe and beyond, also providing advanced networking capabilities. The goal of this session is to identify how developments in these domains can be leveraged to support future commercial developments and innovation for network and service platforms

  • Dorte OLESEN, Chair NREN Policy Committee
  • Simon Leinen, Team Leader, Peta Solutions at SWITCH
  • Heinrich Stuettgen, VP of NECLABS Europe
  • H. David Lambert Internet2, President and CEO


Please see the undefinedpresentations.

Thursday, 20 March - Programme

Parallel sessions

Closing Plenary Session

Closing Plenary Session - 11:30-13:00 / Room: Okeanos

Please see the undefinedpresentations.