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22.4.2018 : 8:42

What is the Future Internet Assembly?

The European Future Internet Assembly also known as FIA, is a collaboration between projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace. In particular, these projects have identified the urgent need to redesign significant part of the Internet, taking a broad multidisciplinary approach, to meet European societal, business and technology ambitions.

Currently FIA brings together far more than 100 research projects that are part of undefinedChallenge 1 of the ICT programme of FP7. These projects are advancing the state of the art in

The FIA constituency is regularly meeting at the FIA conferences and workshops that are organised every 6 months. These events are usually hosted in the country that holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The purpose and way of working of the FIA is described here:

How can I join?

There are several modes of interaction or engagement in the FIA.

The standard way of interaction is that your organisation is partner (beneficiary) in an undefinedEC FP7 project in challenge 1 and that your project endorses the undefinedBled declaration. There is no formal act in endorsing the Bled declaration and it represents no legal binding. We would just like to hear from your project co-ordinator that the objectives of your project are addressing in the wider sense the statements of the declaration and that you are prepared to share your ideas andproject results with your relevant peers of the FIA constituency.

You can join one of the e-mail lists through which the interaction takes place outside the main FIA events. Traffic is not too high so the volume of information should be manageable.

You can contact the caretaker of the area that you are interested and offer yourself to assume further responsibilities. We are always in need of capable people that can organise FIA sessions on specific aspects, or take the lead editor role for white papers that are being written and published. Not to forget about the FIA book that is also a significant effort each year to put together and publish.

You can attend the FIA events. These events used to be restricted to members of the participating European projects, however today they are open. They are announced through several news channels and more information is provided though this web site.

Can I join as an individual?

Actually this is the preferred mode of getting engaged in the work. We all know and recognise that the work is performed by individuals. For example it is normal that you join one of the e-mail lists as an individual.

How is the Future Internet Assembly organised?

We are working on describing the organisational structure of the FIA with a Steering Committee, Programme Committee and Organisation Committee and how you could become member of these Committees. This new structure will replace the informal way of working used so far.

So far, FIA events are organised by an undefinedorganising committee that is composed by the caretakers, which represent the clusters (thematic areas) and several members of the European Commission - typically project officers of the 100+ projects that are members of the FIA.

The organising committee is meeting regularly via audio conference or physically to discuss and decide on the structure of the FIA events. On a regular basis, input from the wider FIA Community is asked through an email on the Future Internet mailing list or Google moderator. See for example the undefinedtopics for the FIA Ghent on Google moderator. Minutes of the meeting are publicly available  at the undefinedrelevant pages.

Are there e-mail lists and how can I join them?

There are several e-mail lists that you can join and that are relevant to the work of the FIA. Currently the following e-mail lists are operating:

To join one of the e-mail lists please send an e-mail to info(at) clearly stating your request.

Another way to subscribe to the lists is via

  • You must self-create an account and login properly.
  • Optionally you should apply a filter, e.g. "future-internet" (without the quotes).
  • You should see the available lists to which you can subscribe by clicking (toggling) the "Unsubscribed" link
  • Note that you will not be immediately on the list. You subscription request is sent to the list maintainer who must approve your request.
  • Please note also that you cannot post to any list if you are not a subscriber of the list. This is an anti-spam measure.

Any other question?

In case you have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask us by sending an email to info(at)