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Net Futures 2015

Net Futures 2015 is a brand new two-day conference taking place on 25-26 March 2015 in Brussels....[more]

Information Society News

Blogpost on the 'Brokerage Event on Micro- and Nano-electronic technologies'

A brokerage event was held on 18 February, offering an opportunity for participants to get...[more]

eIDAS Private Sector Engagement High Level Event - Boosting on-line trust and convenience: the business view

How important are trust and convenience for your business to go digital? How can they be enablers...[more]

Why the EU is betting big on 5G - Research*eu Focus Magazine

The next generation of wireless networks, the ‘fifth generation’ or 5G, will change the...[more]

Launch of the European ''Smart Anything Everywhere'' Initiative

Smart phones, smart watches or smart TVs are just a few of the new products that are entering our...[more]

Ten years in graphene - Dr Cinzia Casiraghi (Univ. of Manchester UK)

This blog was written by Dr Cinzia Casiraghi, a Reader in Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures at The...[more]


12 January 2015

Call for Papers - EuCNC 2015

EuCNC 2015 is the 24th edition of a successful series of a technical conference in the field of...[more]

16 October 2013

FI-STAR open call for additional project partners

In project FI-STAR – Social and Technological Alignment Research – the tasks...[more]

2 July 2013

Video Blog from FuNeMS 2013

The Net!Works ETP is operating a real-time video blog from Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013...[more]

25 June 2013

FIA books are popular

Download numbers of the FIA books continue to increase[more]

11 June 2013


the online engagement platform by DG CONNECT[more]

11 May 2013

Record-breaking FIA Dublin

From 8-10 May 2013 the European Future Internet community met during the annual Future Internet...[more]

13 March 2012

3rd FIArch workshop

Presentations are available for download[more]

13 February 2012

4th Future Internet Award competition

The fourth Future Internet Award competition is now open. This Award recognises excellence in...[more]

8 February 2012

How the Internet works

The Internet for policy makers[more]

6 February 2012

ITU-T establishes new Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery

The January meeting of the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) has established...[more]

6 February 2012

OECD report on Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the subject of a new OECD report, Machine-to-Machine Communication:...[more]