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4th EU Conference on the Seventh Framework Programme

13-14 April 2010, Valencia, Spain




The European Economic Recovery Plan seeks a new deal on vital new and traditional industrial sectors in order to foster economic growth and creation of employment, as well as maintaining our high standards of quality of life. Knowledge, technology, innovation and new markets have complementary roles for reaching these goals.
The Conference “The European Framework Programmes: From Economic Recovery to Sustainability” will be the key public event in launching a series of new Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as cornerstone of the smart investments of the European Economic Recovery Plan:

  • Factories of the Future (FoF)
  • Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB)
  • Green Cars (GCI)
  • Future Internet (FI)

The Conference will be the core of the “FP7: EUROPEAN INNOVATION AND RTD TRANSFORMING SECTORS’ WEEK”, whose venue will be the city of Valencia. April 13th will be devoted to "Energy Efficient Building (EeB)" PPP and "Factories of the Future (FoF)" PPP, and April 14th will cover "Green Car (GC)" PPP and "Future Internet (FI)" PPP. Side events within the week include meetings of E2B Association and EFFRA on April 12th, the 4th Future Internet Assembly on April 15th and 16th and other co-located events organized together with the European Commission.


Please visit the conference undefinedweb site.


13 April 2010