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22 February 2012, Brussels

The Future Internet Architegrure (FIArch) group has conducted a systematic analysis of the design principles of the Internet in order to identify and to characterize the design principles that are expected to drive the architecture of the Future Internet. The goal of this workshop were to confront the results of this systematic analysis and the conclusions proposed by the FIArch group on the known design principles of the Internet and their potential and/or possible evolution against a broader panel of experts active in architecture research. For this purpose, this one-day workshop structured on a set of topical round tables (each introduced by a summary of the conducted analysis and its main results) provided a forum for active discussions among its participants.

Moreover, experts from different domains were invited to add their point of view and their opinions to the discussion.

Agenda and presenations

Further Information

You are invited to study the undefinedwhite paper that the FIArch group has produced and sent your comments and suggestions for improvement via undefinede-mail to FIArch.